Friday, December 19


Since I was a year of fifteen I loved to spoil my skin from time to time, but to be honest I didn't had a clue which product was right for my skin type. Nevertheless I was a happy kid again when I got a mask, a soap or something else that smelled like heaven from my mum. Now that I'm 22 years old, it's very important to know which products are the best for my body, I'm always experimenting with new beauty products to get the best out of my skin. Keeping little spa days at home is still something I love to do, I tend to do it every sunday with lots of tea and a fruit dish.

Do you love to spoil yourself as well from time to time? I might have a little surprise for you! You can now win a body-care kit which includes a Rituals Fortune Scrub, The Body Shop Body Butter and L'Occitane Soap with Shea Butter! Click here and be sure to like and share the photo. The winner will be announced at the 22th of December. Good luck ladies!

Wednesday, December 17


- Warning! before you start reading today's article, grab yourself a coffee and some macarons hehe, this is probably the first time I wrote this much -

The past few weeks has been in a rush if you ask me. A lot of things happened which I still need to tell you all about - in fact I'm going to update you all about it right now hehe - I don't know if it's me but a whole week feels like a day to me. It's going so quickly and it's only two more weeks and we're in 2015! Crazy huh..

Speaking of 2015, a lot is going to change for me, in a good way, in terms of work and private. As you might know I also have another job where I work during the morning hours, the job has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. The reason why I took this job was to pay for my rent and my bills while I was focussing on my blog and which destination I wanted to go with it. A few months ago I said that it's my biggest dream to build a brand out of Frunettte, a dream turned into a goal where I'm working towards to almost 24/7.

I was reading your answers in the survey earlier this week and I saw that someone wrote: 'keep doing your best!'. To be honest I don't feel like I'm doing my best, of course I work every day on it - I hate being lazy - but keeping up with my blog has been really hard these past two months. I know what's causing it, I can't tell you too much about it, it's kind of a story - I don't want to blackguard my previous-to-be employer - but from last December till now I had five days of vacation. Is it weird that I say that I'm not motivated? My mind is telling me: 'you have to!' but on the other hand it's saying: 'no, not today'. For example: I think you might have noticed that Taria-ann's Weekly Diary has been missing for a few weeks, it's only because I was too tired to write it all down on a Friday night after a busy busy busy work week.

But hey, as I'm always staying positive and trying to motivate myself all the time, it will get better! Frunettte is still my biggest passion and it will always be that way. In fact, next week is the last week that I'm working at my other employer and after that it's time to take Frunettte to the next level! :-)

For now back to the past few weeks, here are the highlights:

3 December 2014
Marcellino and I have a new family member! Meet Beer, our chihuahua! We adopted him from the animal shelter here in Maastricht and we both are so in love with him. He's so cute and sweet - he always gives me kisses hehe - I couldn't be happier to spend the upcoming years with him.

6 December 2014
A big day for me, not only was I going for a major hair make over - more about that later - I was also invited for an interview at Radio Brasa about Frunettte. It was the first time in my life that I was a guest at an radio station, I had so much fun, it's an experience I'll never forget! Unfortunately I don't have the right link to the broadcast but when I do, I'll let you know!

11 December 2014
I was invited to the press opening of the biggest Primark of the Benelux in The Hague. I got a tour of the whole shop, got spoiled with a yummy breakfast and a goodiebag and met a lot of other bloggers. So much fun!

13 December 2014
Fashionblogging goes Maastricht woohoo! Yes, there's a fashionblogger contest going on in my hometown and of course I'm participating. It's so amazing that Maastricht is finally doing something with fashionbloggers :-) My first task was to style a model in a cool outfit with a bit of a party touch. I got 60 minutes to shop - without limit - a complete outfit, 15 minutes to style the model and to photograph the whole outfit. A kind of difficult job but so much fun!
PS: Please help me and vote me to the semifinals! Click here to vote for me.

14 December 2014
I got an invitation from JoshV HQ to attend their Eleven Collection fashionshow in Rotterdam. So cool! Josh V is a big brand from Holland and it was the first time I was actually invited to one of her shows. As always, the collection was absolutely gorgeous.

Tuesday, December 16


I was thinking, most of the time I post outfits with information about the clothing I wore, just like every other fashion blogger. Most of the time when I do want to buy something they're wearing in that outfit post, the garment is sold out or not available anymore. I thought about it and I realized that you might had the same thought as me. That's why I introduce you to 'I've been shopping, I've been shopping..' (with a Beyonce voice of course hehe). Instead of waiting on outfits posts - sometimes I have an item for weeks in my closet until I shoot it - I'll post every now and then a post with the garments I've shopped lately. What do you think about that? Let me know your opinion on this :-)

Ribbed High-Neck Sweater
Even though this sweater is kinda basic, I love the color and the shape of it. It's a very classic item which can be worn in different styles: a casual, edgy or chic kinda way. A must have that was missing in my closet.

Open-Front Faux Fur Vest
My blue furry friend was feeling kinda lonely these days so it was time to invest in a new one. I really like the trend of the furry patchwork effect and it was just a matter of time until I found the one that's best with my style and the rest of my closet.

Cropped Bomber Jacket 
Ever since I saw Blair Waldorf rocking that chic coral      blue bomber jacket I knew I had to find a similar one. I haven't found an exact same one but I did find this navy blue one. I absolutely love the shape of it, it's a modern version of the bomber jacket which is exactly an item that truly deserves a place in my closet. The coolest part is that it's from a scuba kinda fabric, can't wait till I received it!

Reversible Cape (it's on sale now!)
Say yes to the Cape trend! Super handy to throw over a leather jacket for example. Unfortunately the Burberry one is a little bit out of my budget but I have to say that this one is a really nice alternative. Camel is an absolute hit this season and very timeless so I can't wait to spend many years with my new friend.

Forever 21 Faux Shearling Moto Vest
I'm such a fan of vests and I think you might have noticed hehe. I have one in white, also from Forever 21, which I can wear almost every day because it gives my outfit the perfect finishing touch. For now I was in search for a more edgier version and this moto vest was exactly what I was looking for.

Accordion Pleated Knit Skirt
This might sounds very crazy but I don't have a black skirt. Yep, it's true hehe. I'm the worst when shop, I never shop for basics because I think it's bored (lol), I just love to shop for the most eye-catching items.